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Viet-Muong etymology :

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Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔa:j
Meaning: who
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: ai
Thomon: ʔai.33
Tum: ʔa:j.45
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔa:k
Meaning: crow
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: ác
Vietnamese meaning: crow
Muong dialect: ʔak.3 aw.5
Nguon dialect (1): ʔak.8
Nguon dialect (2): ʔak.8
Phong: ʔa:k.7
Arem: ʔA:k
Proto-Ruc: *ʔa:k.3, ʔ-
Ruc (Russian field rec.): ʔaʔa:k.3
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): ʔa ʔa:k.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): ʔaʔa:k.5
Ruc meaning: crow
Thavung-So: khaʔa:k.C.1
Thavung-So meaning: crow
Thavung: khǝʔa:k.1
Notes: F-97: *k-ʔa:k
References: NTF41, NVL155
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔa:w
Meaning: pond
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: ao
Vietnamese meaning: pond
Proto-Ruc: *ʔa:w.1
Ruc (Russian field rec.): ʔa:w.1
Ruc meaning: pond
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔa:wʔ
Meaning: blouse
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: áo
Vietnamese meaning: blouse
Muong dialect: ʔaw.3
Arem: ʔɛ:wʔ
Proto-Ruc: *ʔa:w.3
Ruc (Russian field rec.): ʔa:w.3
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): ʔa:w.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): ʔa:w.5
Ruc meaning: upper grament
Thavung-So: ʔa:w.C.1
Thavung-So meaning: shirt
Notes: F-97: *ʔa:wʔ
References: NTF27, NVL135
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbal
Meaning: good luck
Vietnamese: may
Vietnamese meaning: fortunate (PH)
Proto-Ruc: *bal.1, t-
Ruc (Russian field rec.): tubal.1
Ruc meaning: fortunate
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbal, C-
Meaning: sew
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: may
Vietnamese meaning: sew
Muong dialect: pal.1
Proto-Ruc: *bal.1, C-
Ruc (Russian field rec.): ʔbal.1
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): tubal.1
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): bal.1
Ruc meaning: sew
Thavung-So: kapɛ:n.1, kapɛn.1
Thavung-So meaning: to patch cloth
Notes: TC-34
References: NTF65, NVL149
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbamʔ
Meaning: fish sauce
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: mắm
Vietnamese meaning: salted fish (PH)
Proto-Ruc: *bam.3
Ruc (Russian field rec.): bam.3
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): bam.4
Ruc meaning: fish sauce
References: NVL153
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbaŋ, t-, #
Meaning: bamboo shoots
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: măng
Vietnamese meaning: bamboo shoots
Muong dialect: păŋ.1
Arem: ʔabaŋ
Proto-Ruc: *baŋ.1, t-
Ruc (Russian field rec.): taʔbaŋ.1
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): tabaŋ.1
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): tabaŋ.1
Ruc meaning: bamboo shoots
Thavung-So: baŋ.1
Thavung-So meaning: bamboo shoots
Notes: F-97: *t-Baŋ
References: NTF65, NVL149; TC39
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔba:k, C-
Meaning: hook, hang to a peg
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: mắc
Vietnamese meaning: hook, hang to a peg
Notes: F-97: *k-Bak; cf. 3851
References: TC39
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔba:lʔ
Meaning: roof
Vietnamese: mái
Vietnamese meaning: roof (PH)
Muong dialect: maj.3
Arem: cipa:j (rì:w) E?
Proto-Ruc: *ba:l.3
Ruc (Russian field rec.): ba:l.3
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): ba:l.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): ba:l.5
Ruc meaning: roof
Notes: F-97: *Ba:[ĺr]ʔ
References: NTF64, NVL149; TC39
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔba:ŋ
Meaning: to carry
Vietnamese: mang
Vietnamese meaning: to carry (PH)
Muong dialect: paŋ.1
Arem: bæ:ŋ
Proto-Ruc: *ba:ŋ.1
Ruc (Russian field rec.): ba:ŋ.1
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): ba:ŋ.1 ba:ŋ.1
Ruc meaning: to carry
Notes: cf. 1491
References: NVL142
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔba:ŋʔ
Meaning: ditch
Vietnamese: máng
Vietnamese meaning: gutter, water-pipe; through, bucket (PH)
Muong dialect: boŋ.5, paŋ.3
Proto-Ruc: *ba:ŋ.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): ba:ŋ.5 da:k.5 +water
Ruc meaning: ditch
References: NTF64
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbɛ:wʔ, k-
Meaning: deformed
Vietnamese: méo
Vietnamese meaning: deformed
Muong dialect: pɛw.3
Proto-Ruc: *bɛ:w.3, k-
Ruc (Russian field rec.): kubɛ:w.3
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): kubɛ:w.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): kubɛ:w.5
Ruc meaning: deformed
References: NTF66, NVL150
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbǝh // *ʔbǝCh
Meaning: open
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: mo'ʔ
Vietnamese meaning: open (PH); môʔ to cut open (PH)
Muong dialect: pǝ.4
Phong: bo.3
Arem: mbâh mât.B
Proto-Ruc: *bǝ.4
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): bǝ:.4
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): bǝ:.4
Ruc meaning: to open
Thavung-So: bɨh.2
Thavung-So meaning: to open
Thavung: boh.1
Notes: F-97: *pǝh; *Bǝh
References: NTF67; TC39
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbǝlʔ
Meaning: several
Vietnamese: mấy
Vietnamese meaning: several (PH); cf. vài id.
Nguon dialect (1): mǝ̆j.3
Nguon dialect (2): mǝ̆j.3
Phong: bil.3
Proto-Ruc: *bǝl.3
Ruc (Russian field rec.): bǝl.3
Ruc meaning: several, some, a few
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbǝt
Meaning: lose
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: mất
Vietnamese meaning: disappear
Muong dialect: pǝ̆t.3, bǝ̆t.3
Arem: bɨ̂t
Proto-Ruc: *bǝt.3
Ruc (Russian field rec.): bǝt.3
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): bǝt.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): bat.5
Ruc meaning: to lose
Notes: ? < CHIN?; TC-34
References: NTF65, NVL136
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbɨah // *ʔbah
Meaning: vomit
Vietnamese: mu'ʔa
Vietnamese meaning: vomit
Muong dialect: pa.4
Nguon dialect (1): mɨa.5
Nguon dialect (2): mɨa.5
Phong: ba.3
Arem: ʔabah
Proto-Ruc: *bah.1
Ruc (Russian field rec.): ba:h.1
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): ba:h.1
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): bah.1
Ruc meaning: vomit
Notes: F-97: *Bah; GD
References: NTF71, NVL151; TC39
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbɨǝp
Meaning: loofah
Vietnamese: mu'o'́p
Vietnamese meaning: loofah (PH)
Muong dialect: buǝp.5
Proto-Ruc: *bɨǝp.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): bɨʌp.5
Ruc meaning: loofah
References: NTF68
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbo:j // *ʔbo:jʔ
Meaning: lips
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Vietnamese: môi
Vietnamese meaning: lips
Muong dialect: pel.5 mom.2 ??
Nguon dialect (1): moj.1 LO
Nguon dialect (2): moj.1 LO
Proto-Ruc: *bo:j.3, c-
Ruc (Russian field rec.): cuʔbo:j.3
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): cɨbo:j.3
Ruc (Ferlus' rec.): cubo:j.3
Ruc meaning: lips
Thavung-So: sanu:j.C.1 !?
Thavung-So meaning: lips
Notes: F-97: *c-Bu:jʔ; *c-Bu:j
References: NTF67, NVL150; TC39
Proto-Viet-Muong: *ʔbo:ŋʔ // *ʔbo:ŋ, c-
Meaning: sprout, sapling
Vietnamese: mống
Vietnamese meaning: germ, sprout
Arem: mbuŋʔ.B
Proto-Ruc: *bo:ŋ.1, c-
Ruc (Russian field rec.): cimbo:ŋ.1
Ruc (Lo'i's rec.): cǝmbo:ŋ.1
Ruc meaning: to blossom
Notes: cf. R759
References: NVL142
Total of 1233 records 62 pages

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