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Proto-Pearic: *ʔah.N
Meaning: boil (noun)
Kasong: ʔah.A V?
Kasong meaning: boil (noun)
Samre: ʔah.A
Samre meaning: boil (noun)
Proto-Pearic: *ʔan.N
Meaning: this
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: ʔan.A
Chong meaning: this
Song: ʔan.A
Song meaning: this
Kasong: ʔan.A
Kasong meaning: this
Samre: ʔan.A
Samre meaning: this
References: H-437: *ʔan
Proto-Pearic: *ʔa:w.N
Meaning: day
Presyllable: #
Chong: ʔa:w.A
Chong meaning: day
Kasong: ʔa:w.A
Kasong meaning: day
Samre: ʔa:w.A
Samre meaning: day
Proto-Pearic: *ʔaw.N
Meaning: cloth
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: ʔaw.A
Chong meaning: shirt
Song: (wok.C) ʔaw.A
Samre: ʔaw.A (thar.A)
Suoi Kompong: khɔ: ʔa:w
Proto-Pearic: *ʔe.N
Meaning: midge
Presyllable: lǝ-
Kasong: laʔe:.B
Kasong meaning: midge
Samre: laʔe:.C
Samre meaning: midge
Proto-Pearic: *ʔe:t.N
Meaning: parrot
Presyllable: #
Chong: ʔe:t.A
Chong meaning: parrot
Song: ʔe:t.A
Song meaning: parrot
Kasong: ʔe:t.A
Kasong meaning: parrot
Samre: ʔi:t.B R?
Samre meaning: parrot
Proto-Pearic: *ʔic.N
Meaning: defecate
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: ʔic.A
Chong meaning: feces
Song: ʔic.A
Song meaning: defecate
Kasong: ʔic.A
Kasong meaning: defecate
Samre: ʔic.A
Samre meaning: defecate
Suoi Kompong: cuh ʔac
References: H-437: *ʔic
Proto-Pearic: *ʔih.N / *ʔiʔ.N
Meaning: how?
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: ʔih.A
Chong meaning: not; ka:ŋ.A ʔih.A when?
Song: nǝʔih.A
Song meaning: when?; ʔi.A chǝj.C not
Kasong: mo:i.B ʔi:.B
Kasong meaning: how much?
Samre: mu:j.C ʔi:.C
Samre meaning: how much?
Proto-Pearic: *ʔ[i].A
Meaning: who
Chong: ʔaj.A mih.A
Song: ʔi=mih.A
Kasong: ʔi.A pi:.D
Proto-Pearic: *ʔiń.N
Meaning: I, me
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: ʔiń.A
Chong meaning: I, me, oneself
Song: ʔiń.A
Song meaning: I, me
Kasong: ʔiń.A
Kasong meaning: I
Samre: ʔiń.A
Samre meaning: I, me
Suoi Kompong: ʔań
Proto-Pearic: *ʔi:n.N
Meaning: have
Presyllable: #
Chong: ʔi:n.A
Chong meaning: have, able
Song: ʔi:n.A
Song meaning: to have
Kasong: ʔi:n.A
Kasong meaning: to have
Samre: ʔi:n.A
Samre meaning: to have
References: H-455: *ʔi:n
Proto-Pearic: *ʔɨjh.N
Meaning: give
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: ʔɨt.A
Chong meaning: give
Song: ʔɨt.A
Song meaning: give
Kasong: ʔɨ:h.A
Kasong meaning: give
Proto-Pearic: *ʔo:c.N
Meaning: take
Presyllable: #
Chong: ʔo:c.A
Chong meaning: take
Song: ʔo:c.A
Song meaning: take
Kasong: ʔo:c.A
Kasong meaning: take
Samre: ʔu:c.C R?
Samre meaning: take
References: H-457: *ʔo:c
Proto-Pearic: *ʔo:l.N
Meaning: taro
Presyllable: #
Chong: ʔo:j.A faraŋ.A
Chong meaning: potato
Song: tuŋ.A ʔo:j.A
Song meaning: taro
Kasong: ʔo:l.A
Kasong meaning: yam
Samre: ʔu:r.A
Samre meaning: potato
Comments: Morizon: ol
Proto-Pearic: *ʔɔ:ŋ.N / *ʔɔ:ŋ.C
Meaning: wasp
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Song: ʔɔ:ŋ.A
Song meaning: wasp
Kasong: ʔɔ:ŋ.B
Kasong meaning: wasp
Proto-Pearic: *ʔuń.N
Meaning: father
Presyllable: #/khǝ-
Chong: ʔu:ń.A
Chong meaning: father
Song: ʔu:ń.A
Song meaning: father
Kasong: khu:ń.A
Kasong meaning: father
Samre: khu:ń.A
Samre meaning: father
Proto-Pearic: *ʔu:c.C
Meaning: few, little
Presyllable: #
Chong: ʔu:ʔc.A
Chong meaning: few, little
Song: ʔu:c.A R?
Song meaning: few, little
Proto-Pearic: *ʔu:jh.N
Meaning: wood
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: ʔu:t.A
Chong meaning: wood
Song: ʔu:t.A
Song meaning: wood
Kasong: ʔu:h.A
Kasong meaning: firewood
Samre: ʔu:h.A
Samre meaning: wood
Suoi Kompong: ʔɔh
Proto-Pearic: *bah.N /*bɔh.N
Meaning: dry, as firewood
Presyllable: #
Austro-Asiatic etymology: Austro-Asiatic etymology
Chong: pah.B
Chong meaning: dry
Song: phah.C
Song meaning: dry, as firewood
Kasong: pɔh.A R?
Kasong meaning: dry, as firewood
Samre: pɔh.B
Samre meaning: dry, as firewood
Proto-Pearic: *baŋ.N /*baŋ.C
Meaning: swamp
Presyllable: ʒǝ-
Song: kǝphaŋ.C
Song meaning: swamp
Samre: sapaŋ.C
Samre meaning: swamp
Suoi Kompong: tpɨǝŋ
Total of 614 records 31 page

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