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Proto-South Dravidian : *kav-
Meaning : to separate; branch, fork
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kavar (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to separate into various channels, deviate, depart from instructions; churn (or with DEDR 1340)
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to branch off (as roads), fork, bifurcate; n. bifurcated branch (as of tree or river), prong; kavarppu forking, bifurcation; kavarpu differing; kavaṭu branch of tree, forked branch, separation, division; kavaṭṭi, kavaṭṭai fork of a branch, branching root; kavuṭṭi space between the thighs; kavalai forking of branches, place where several ways meet; kavai (-pp-, -tt-) to fork (as a branch); n. division, cleavage (as of hoof, a crab's claws), branch of a tree, forked stick, crossroads; kavam, kavvam churning stick; kavvu fork of a branch or horn; kappu forked branch, branch, bough, cleavage, cleft; kappi (-pp-, -tt-) to fork as a branch
Malayalam : kava
Malayalam meaning : forked branch, space between the legs
Malayalam derivates : kavekka to stand astride; kavaṭi pitch-fork; kavaṭṭa the forked branch of a tree; kavaram, kavar bifurcated branch or shoot, prong of a pitch-fork; kavarikkuka to shoot forth as a forked branch; kavala place where two roads meet; kappu bifurcated branch
Kannada : kaval
Kannada meaning : to become bifurcated or forked, branch off; n. bifurcation, forked or lateral branch, forked stick, divided state, couple, pair
Kannada derivates : kavate forked state; kavaḍu, kave = kaval n.
Tulu : kaba
Tulu meaning : space between the fingers
Tulu derivates : kabarụ forked or lateral branch, forked stick; forked; kabe forked stick; cloven, forked; (B-K.) kappu fork of a wooden post
Proto-Nilgiri : *kavä
Number in DED : 1325
Proto-South Dravidian : *kav-
Meaning : rancid; stench
Tamil : kaviccu
Tamil meaning : stench of fish, raw flesh, rotten eggs
Tamil derivates : kavul, kaul fetid odour, bad smell
Malayalam : kavar, kaur
Malayalam meaning : offensive smell of the body
Kannada : kamaṭu, kamuṭu
Kannada meaning : rankness, rancidity, fetid smell, esp. of dirty clothes; the disagreeable smell of burnt oil or ghee
Kannada derivates : kavuṭu the disagreeable smell of burning oil, fish, raw meat, eggs, ulcers, etc.; kavuru, kavval a strong or bad smell; gavulu, gavalu, gavuḷu a fetid smell, as that of sweat or of oil or the body
Tulu : kauṇṭụ, kauṇṭu
Tulu meaning : rancidity; rancid
Tulu derivates : kauṇṭuni, kauṇḍuni to become rancid; kauḷu odour, scent, smell, a kind of perfume, stench
Number in DED : 1334
Proto-South Dravidian : *kav-
Meaning : to overturn
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaviẓ (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to be capsized, turned bottom upwards, bow one's head from modesty, shame, or confusion, stoop, bend down, be overthrown
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to turn over, capsize, overthrow, destroy, put a cover on; (Tinn.) kavuru to capsize; (NTD) kamur to be upside down
Malayalam : kaviẓuka, kamiẓuka
Malayalam meaning : to be overturned, upset, overwhelmed
Malayalam derivates : kaviẓttuka, kamiẓttuka, kamuttuka, kamikka to upset, overthrow, lay flat
Kannada : kavicu, kavacu, kavucu
Kannada meaning : to be turned upside down, be overthrown or upset; turn upside down, etc.
Kodagu : kaviN- (kaviNv-, kaviNñj-)
Kodagu meaning : to bend or lie face downwards
Kodagu derivates : (kaviNmp-, kaviNñc-) to turn face downwards (tr.)
Tulu : kapparụ
Tulu meaning : on the face
Tulu derivates : kabbe, kabya topsyturvy, upside down; kauñca topsyturvy, upside down
Proto-Nilgiri : *kav-
Number in DED : 1335
Proto-South Dravidian : *kav-
Meaning : roar, noise; scandal
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kavvai
Tamil meaning : din, roar; scandal, slander
Tamil derivates : kauvai sound, noise, roar; scandal; kavar (-v-, -nt-) to call, summon
Kannada : kava
Kannada meaning : imit. sound of angry language
Kannada derivates : kavakava anu/māḍu to chide, scold; gavuji, gavuju noise, hubbub; gāvara, gāvaḷi sound, noise, outcry
Tulu : gauji
Tulu meaning : noise, tumult, alarm, agitation
Number in DED : 1341
Proto-South Dravidian : *kavaṇ-
Meaning : sling
Tamil : kavaṇ, kavaṇai, kavaṇṭi, kavaṇṭu
Tamil meaning : sling
Malayalam : kavaṇa, kaviṇa
Malayalam meaning : sling, bow to throw stones
Malayalam derivates : kavaṇ sling, catapult
Kannada : kavaṇe
Kannada meaning : sling
Tulu : kavaṇe, kappanda
Tulu meaning : sling
Proto-Nilgiri : *giviṇĭ
Notes : The Nilgiri forms are strange.
Number in DED : 1322
Proto-South Dravidian : *kavand-i
Meaning : quilted cover
Tamil : kavanti, kavantikai
Tamil meaning : quilted cover made of rags to keep off cold
Kannada : kavadi, kavidi, kavudi
Kannada meaning : quilted cover for the night, quilted rags used as a bed or as a saddle
Proto-Nilgiri : *kavd-
Number in DED : 1324
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaviḷ
Meaning : cheek
Tamil : kavuḷ
Tamil meaning : cheek, temple or jaw of elephant
Malayalam : kaviḷ
Malayalam meaning : cheek
Tulu : kauḷu
Tulu meaning : the cheek
Tulu derivates : kavuṇḍrasa, kavuḍrasa cancer of the cheek
Number in DED : 1337
Proto-South Dravidian : *kav-, *kav-ar-
Meaning : to seize, grasp, catch
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kavar (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to seize, grasp, catch, steal, get control of, receive, experience, desire, have sexual connexion with
Tamil derivates : kavarcci captivation, attraction; kavarvu id., desire; kavavu (kavavi-) to desire, embrace, copulate; n. copulation; (inscr.) kavar_r_u (kavar_r_i-) to attract; kavai (-pp-, -tt-) to include, join with, embrace
Malayalam : kavaruka
Malayalam meaning : to plunder, rob
Malayalam derivates : kavarcca robbery, plunder
Kannada : kavar
Kannada meaning : to take away by force, seize, strip, plunder
Kannada derivates : kavarte, kavate taking by force, seizing, plundering
Miscellaneous : KOR (M) kamḍɨ to steal
Number in DED : 1326
Proto-South Dravidian : *kavuŋ-
Meaning : areca palm
Tamil : kamuku
Tamil meaning : areca palm, Areca catechu
Malayalam : kamuku, kamuŋŋu, kavuŋŋu, kaẓuŋŋu
Malayalam meaning : betel-nut tree, Areca catechu
Kannada : kauŋgu
Kannada meaning : (PBh.) areca-nut tree
Kannada derivates : (Gowda) kǝmmu id.
Tulu : kaŋgụ, (B-K. also) kamu
Tulu meaning : areca-nut tree
Number in DED : 1233
Proto-South Dravidian : *kavuŋ-kaṭ-
Meaning : armpit
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kamukkaṭṭu
Tamil meaning : armpit
Kannada : kavuŋkuẓ, kaŋkuẓ, kaŋkaẓ, kaŋkuẓa, koŋkuẓ, koŋkar., koŋkaẓa
Kannada meaning : armpit
Kannada derivates : (Hal.) gaŋkǝlu armpit; (Hav.) kiŋkleḍe id.
Kodagu : kavŋkɨ
Kodagu meaning : vital spot
Tulu : kaŋkuḷa
Tulu meaning : armpit
Proto-Nilgiri : *kamkoḍ
Miscellaneous : KOR (T) karkileḍi armpit
Number in DED : 1234
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓ-
Meaning : to protrude, to swell
Tamil : kaẓal (kaẓalv-, kaẓan_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to protrude, bulge out, pass through (as an arrow)
Tamil derivates : kaẓalai wen, tubercle, tumour
Malayalam : kaẓar_r_uka
Malayalam meaning : to protrude
Malayalam derivates : kaẓala a swelling (chiefly in the groin)
Kannada : gaḷalE
Kannada meaning : (Gowda) swelling of a gland
Tulu : karalè
Tulu meaning : a swelling
Tulu derivates : (B-K.) kaḷale a swelling at the joints
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaḍ-ǝv-
Number in DED : 1350
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓ-
Meaning : stake for impaling
Tamil : kaẓu
Tamil meaning : stake for impaling criminals, sharp-pointed pieces of wood strung around cow's neck, trident
Malayalam : kaẓu, kaẓuku
Malayalam meaning : stake for impaling malefactors
Kannada : kaẓ, kaẓu
Kannada meaning : an instrument for perforating an elephant's ear
Proto-Nilgiri : *kāṛ
Number in DED : 1361
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓ-
Meaning : vulture
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaẓu, kaẓuku
Tamil meaning : griffin vulture (Gyps indicus), pharaoh's chicken (Neophron gingimanus), eagle (Aquilinae falconidae)
Malayalam : kaẓu, kaẓuku, kaẓukan
Malayalam meaning : eagle, vulture
Tulu : karu, (B-K.) kaḷu
Tulu meaning : vulture
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaḍ-ǝḷ
Number in DED : 1362
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓ-
Meaning : to wash
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaẓuvu (kaẓuvi-)
Tamil meaning : to wash, rinse, purify
Tamil derivates : kaẓu-nīr water in which rice has been washed, sacred water for cleansing away sin; kaẓunar those who wash away dirt or sin; kāẓiyan_ washerman, dhoby
Malayalam : kaẓukuka
Malayalam meaning : to wash, cleanse, wash off
Kannada : karcu, kaccu
Kannada meaning : washing, water in which raw rice has been washed
Kannada derivates : karcu to wash
Kodagu : katt- (katti-)
Kodagu meaning : to wash (plate, hands)
Kodagu derivates : (Shanmugam) katt washing
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaṛ-
Miscellaneous : KOR (M) kacci to wash vessels
Number in DED : 1369
Proto-South Dravidian : *Kaẓ-ai
Meaning : pole, stick
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaẓai
Tamil meaning : pole used for propelling boats, elephant-goad, stem of sugar-cane, shaft of a bamboo, bamboo bottle, spiny bamboo
Tamil derivates : kaẓi rod, staff, stick, handle of tool, peg to keep a yoke in place, lath; kaẓāy acrobat's pole, spiny bamboo; kaẓāyar pole-dancers, tumblers; kāẓ post, pillar, oar, iron rod, elephant-goad, bolt, handle, rafter, firewood
Malayalam : kaẓa
Malayalam meaning : bamboo, pole for carrying burdens
Malayalam derivates : kaẓi staff of hoe, pin of yoke
Kannada : gaẓ, gaẓa, gaẓu, gaẓuvu, gaẓe, gaḍe, gaḍi
Kannada meaning : bamboo rod or stake, bamboo, pole, staff, bamboo pole on which Kollaṭigas or Dombas tumble, churning stick
Kodagu : gaḷe
Kodagu meaning : long stick
Tulu : kari
Tulu meaning : bar with which a door is fastened, pole fastened to a load by which it is carried on the shoulders
Tulu derivates : karè, garè the pole to which a bucket is attached in a country water-lift; garu, (B-K. also) karu, gaḷu rafter
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaḷ- (*g-)
Number in DED : 1370
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓal-
Meaning : to be loose; to loosen
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaẓal (kaẓalv-, kaẓan_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to become loose (as a fastening, shoe, handle, hair, part of any mechanism), be unhinged, slip off, slough off, become extricated, disentangled, be put out of joint, fall out (as a loose tooth)
Tamil derivates : kaẓar_r_u (kaẓar_r_i-) to unfasten, loosen, unhinge, dislocate, unlock, disentangle, extricate, strip, take off, divest, remove; kaẓāala (inf.) to unloose or divest; kaẓāl weeding, uprooting; kaẓālu (kaẓāli-) to become loose; kaẓi (-v-, -nt-) to be removed; (-pp-, -tt-) to remove, strip off
Malayalam : kaẓaluka
Malayalam meaning : to slip
Malayalam derivates : kaẓar_r_uka to slip off, put off; kaẓiyuka to become loose, undone; kaẓikka to unloose, untie, remove
Kannada : kaẓal
Kannada meaning : to slip off, drop down, get loose; throw away, remove, pull out (as a sword)
Kannada derivates : kaẓalcu to make separate, pull out, remove; kaẓi to unloose, remove; kaḷe to become loose; draw out (as a sword from a sheath), remove, throw away; kaḷacu to become loose; kaḷa state of being loose
Kodagu : kay- (kayp-, kayc-)
Kodagu meaning : to remove, undo (knot)
Tulu : kaḷeyuni, kaḷevuni
Tulu meaning : to become loose (as the bands of a box, etc.)
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaṛǝl-
Number in DED : 1349
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓal-
Meaning : anklet
Tamil : kaẓal
Tamil meaning : anklet, toe-ring, sandal, foot
Malayalam : kaẓal
Malayalam meaning : foot
Kannada : kaẓal
Kannada meaning : foot-ring, anklet
Number in DED : 1351
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓ-i-
Meaning : to pass, slip away; to defecate
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaẓi (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to pass (as time, season), slip away (as prosperity, adversity), elapse, become spent, be ruined, expire, die, finish, come to an end, be discharged (as excreta)
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to reject, discard, separate, abandon, deduct, cut off (hair, nails), prune, spend or waste (as time), void (excreta); kaẓiccal diarrhoea; kaẓical that which is rejected; kaẓintār deceased persons, poor or destitute persons; kaẓippu (kaẓippi-) to spend, pass (as time), complete; n. expulsion, rejection, that which is cast aside; kaẓiyal departing, that which is cast away; kaẓivu passing (as time), leaving (as a place), discharging (as from the bowels), waste, refuse, deduction, death, destruction; kaẓal (kaẓalv-, kaẓan_r_-) to pass away, disappear, be extended
Malayalam : kaẓiyuka
Malayalam meaning : to pass, be spent, be over, live
Malayalam derivates : kaẓikka to make to pass, pass time, live, die, kill; kaẓiccal diarrhoea; kaẓippu what is rejected
Kannada : kaẓi
Kannada meaning : to go or be removed very far, pass away, end, die; make to pass, purge; n. going far, a great distance
Kannada derivates : kaẓipu to cause to go away, remove; pass or move over, cross; kaẓivu ending, etc.; kaẓalisu, kaẓalcu to put aside, lose; kaḷe, kaḷi to send forth, abandon, reject, spend (as time and money), leave behind
Kodagu : kayy- (kayyuv-, kayñj-)
Kodagu meaning : (time) passes
Kodagu derivates : kay- (kayp-, kayc-) to pass (time); perform (ceremony)
Tulu : kariyuni
Tulu meaning : to elapse, expire, pass (as time)
Tulu derivates : karipuni to deduct, subtract, spend, remove; karipè, karipelụ deduction; kaḷeyuni, kaḷevuni to lapse, pass (as time), be spent (as money); kalevuni to be deducted; kalepini, kalepuni to subtract, deduct
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaṛ-ĭ-
Miscellaneous : KOR (M) kaḷe, (T) kale to remove
Number in DED : 1356
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓt-
Meaning : neck
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaẓuttu
Tamil meaning : neck, throat
Malayalam : kaẓuttu
Malayalam meaning : neck (of man, animal, plant, vessel, etc.)
Kannada : kattu
Kannada meaning : neck, throat
Kannada derivates : gaṇṭalu, gaṇṭlu, gaṇṭala throat
Tulu : kaṇṭelụ
Tulu meaning : neck, throat
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaḍǝt-ǝl
Miscellaneous : IRU kaṇucu neck, throat
Number in DED : 1366
Proto-South Dravidian : *kaẓud-ai
Meaning : donkey
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : kaẓutai
Tamil meaning : ass
Malayalam : kaẓuta
Malayalam meaning : ass
Kannada : kaẓte, katte
Kannada meaning : ass
Kodagu : katte
Kodagu meaning : ass
Tulu : katte
Tulu meaning : ass
Proto-Nilgiri : *kaṛtĭ
Number in DED : 1364
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