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Character: "爾" | Query method: Equal
Modern (Beijing) reading: ěr
Preclassic Old Chinese: nhejʔ
Classic Old Chinese: nhé
Western Han Chinese: nhé
Eastern Han Chinese: ńhé
Early Postclassic Chinese: ńhé
Middle Postclassic Chinese: ńhé
Late Postclassic Chinese: ńhé
Middle Chinese: ńé
English meaning : you, your
Russian meaning[s]: 1) ты; твой; 2) в конце фразы в вэньяне вот и все!, и только!; 3) суффикс наречий, вариант 然; 4) такой, таков; так; 5) близкий к...
Shuowen gloss: 麗爾,猶靡麗也.從**#.#,其孔.從ぱ聲此與爽同意. [128]
Comments: One of the 2d person pronouns beginning in *nh- (cf. also 乃 *nhǝ̄ʔ, 汝 *nhaʔ). For *nh- cf. Jianou ni8 (a colloquial form corresponding to MC 你 ṇɨ́, a late dialectal variant of 爾). The original meaning of the character, according to Shuowen, is 'good-looking', 'bright-looking' - attested only within the rather late compound 麗爾 (MC lìej-ńé) id.
Sino-Tibetan etymology: Sino-Tibetan etymology
Radical: 89
Four-angle index: 3941
Karlgren code: 0359 a-b
Jianchuan Bai: no3
Dali Bai: no3
Bijiang Bai: na4
Shijing occurrences: 5.1, 33.4, 35.1, 35.2, 35.3, 35.5, 35.6, 54.4, 58.2, 58.4

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