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Character: "車" | Query method: Equal
Modern (Beijing) reading: chē
Preclassic Old Chinese: k(l)a
Classic Old Chinese: ka
Western Han Chinese: ka
Eastern Han Chinese: ka
Early Postclassic Chinese: ko
Middle Postclassic Chinese: ko
Late Postclassic Chinese: ko
Middle Chinese:
English meaning : chariot, carriage
Russian meaning[s]: 1) повозка, телега; экипаж; автомашина; вагон; 2) станок; токарный станок; 3) гончарный круг; водоподъемное колесо; 4) фабричной выработки, сделанный механическим способом; 5) вращаться (о частях машины); работать (о моторе); 6) Чэ (фамилия); [jū] 1) древн. колесница, экипаж; 2) ладья (в шахматах)
Comments: In MC also read ćha, FQ 尺遮 (whence Mand. chē, Viet. xa), but this reading is rather recent (judging from rhymes, not earlier than Eastern Han) and must stem from some Old Chinese dialect. Viet. has also a colloquial loan from the same source: xe id. If the reconstruction is indeed *kla, one can think of an early borrowing from IE.
Dialectal data: Dialectal data
Radical: 159
Four-angle index: 2602
Karlgren code: 0074 a-d
Vietnamese reading: xa
Shijing occurrences: 24.1_, 37.3, 39.3, 41.3_, 58.2, 58.4

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