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Character: "跪" | Query method: Equal
Modern (Beijing) reading: guì
Preclassic Old Chinese: ghʷajʔ
Classic Old Chinese: ghwáj
Western Han Chinese: ghwáj
Eastern Han Chinese: ghwáj
Early Postclassic Chinese: ghwáj
Middle Postclassic Chinese: ghwáj
Late Postclassic Chinese: ghwáj
Middle Chinese: gwé
English meaning : to kneel [LZ]
Russian meaning[s]: стоять на коленях; преклонить колени
Comments: Standard Sino-Viet. is qụy. Also read *khʷajʔ, MC khwé (FQ 去委) id. which points to *ghʷ-, despite the Min readings (Xiamen, Fuzhou kui6, Chaozhou kũĩ4, Jianou kü6).
Dialectal data: Dialectal data
Radical: 157
Four-angle index: 7060
Karlgren code: 0029 f
Vietnamese reading: qùy, qùi
Jianchuan Bai: kü3
Dali Bai: kü3
Bijiang Bai: -ko4-

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