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Character: "蟲" | Query method: Equal
Modern (Beijing) reading: chóng
Preclassic Old Chinese: Łhuŋ
Classic Old Chinese: Łhuŋ
Western Han Chinese: Łhǝuŋ
Eastern Han Chinese: lhǝuŋ
Early Postclassic Chinese: dhɨuŋ
Middle Postclassic Chinese: dhuŋ
Late Postclassic Chinese: dhuŋ
Middle Chinese: ḍüŋ
English meaning : insect, small bird
Russian meaning[s]: 1) насекомое; пресмыкающееся; червяк; червеобразный; 2) животное (общее понятие); 3) Чун (фамилия)
Shuowen gloss: 有足謂之蟲.無足謂之�.從三蟲.凡蟲之屬皆從蟲. [676]
Comments: Used also for a homonymous *Łhuŋ 'be hot (of weather). Standard Sino-Viet. is trùng. For *Łh (besides MC ḍ) cf. Xiamen, Chaozhou thaŋ2, Fuzhou thöŋ2. Note that Viet. sùng may go back to PAA *sǝ-rVŋ 'worm, centipede' ( = Khmer srɨŋ) - in which case any resemblance to Chinese is just coincidental.
Sino-Tibetan etymology: Sino-Tibetan etymology
Dialectal data: Dialectal data
Radical: 142
Four-angle index: 8719
Karlgren code: 1009 c
Vietnamese reading: sùng
Jianchuan Bai: cü7,-cü̃7
Dali Bai: cü7
Bijiang Bai: ćü7
Shijing occurrences: 14.1_

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