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Пранильгирийский: *cīḷ
Значение: pieces (of pot, paper, etc.), division of land
Кота: cīḷ
Номер по DED: 1622
Пранильгирийский: *cīr
Значение: nit
Кота: cīr
Тода: tīr
Номер по DED: 2625
Пранильгирийский: *cīr-
Значение: bag, sack
Кота: cīrm (obl. cīrt-) "bag"
Тода: tīrm (obl. tīrt-) "gunny sack"
Номер по DED: 2632
Пранильгирийский: *Col
Значение: command
Кота: col
Номер по DED: 2855
Пранильгирийский: *corǝ-
Значение: to pour, flow
Кота: corv- (cord-) "(milk) streams from udder by itself"
Тода: twar- (twarɵ-) "(buffalo) is ready for milking with milk drawn down into teats by the calf"
Дополнительные формы: Also Toda twar state of having milk in the udder
Номер по DED: 2883
Пранильгирийский: *cōɫ-
Значение: to be defeated
Кота: cōl- (cōt-) "to be defeated, be inferior, fail"
Тода: twɨ̄ɫ- (twɨ̄t_-) "to be defeated, become old"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota cōv- (cōt-) to be defeated; Toda twɨ̄lc- (twɨ̄lč-) to defeat; swɨ̄l- (swɨ̄t-) to be defeated (< Badaga)
Номер по DED: 3558
Пранильгирийский: *cōrä
Значение: dove
Кота: cōr
Тода: twar fɨɫ̣ "wood pigeon"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota māṇ cōr pigeon
Комментарии: The shortening in Toda is due to the compound form.
Номер по DED: 2885
Пранильгирийский: *cōr_ (*t-)
Значение: cooked food
Тода: twɨ̄r_
Номер по DED: 2897
Пранильгирийский: *cuṛ-
Значение: to turn
Кота: cuḷy "whirlpool in river"
Тода: tüɫ̣y "deep pool"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota cuyg hair-whorl on person's head, whorls of hair on animal's back indicating by position excellence or badness; Toda tuḍy- (tuḍs-) to move in a circle, lounge, loaf about; (tuḍc-) to turn (tr.) in a circle; tǖs_ churnstick, in: tǖs öṛf- (öṛt-) to churn (at tī dairy; lit. to lift or erect the churnstick); tǖl mēṇ post by which the churnstick is held erect with ring-fastenings; tǖl goṭy ring-fastening which attaches churnstick to post
Комментарии: Toda tǖs_ "churnstick" is not quite clear etymologically.
Номер по DED: 2698
Пранильгирийский: *curǝ-
Значение: to shrink
Кота: curg- (curgy-) "to stint oneself to support family"
Тода: tūṛ- (tūṛy-) "to shrink (intr.)"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota curk- (curky-) to make small, draw up (legs, fingers), shrink; cug- (cugy-) to be creased; corṭy state of a hoe being worn short by much use; Toda tūḷ- (tūḍ-) to pull legs close to body (e. g. while sleeping)
Комментарии: Kota preserves the root with the old extension -ǝŋ-/-ǝk-; Toda - with the old extension *-uḷ- (cf. Tamil curuŋku, curuḷ). Toda tūṛ- probably = Kan. sur-uṇṭu.
Номер по DED: 2687
Пранильгирийский: *curǝḷ-
Значение: to roll up
Кота: curṇ- (curḍ-) "to lie in coils (snake, rope)"
Тода: tūḷ- (tūḍ-) "to be rolled up (curl, leaf)"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota curṭ- (curṭy-) to coil, roll (tr.); Toda tūṭ- (tūṭy-) to roll up (tr.), curl (hair), tie up (hair); tuṣk hair curl; tūr storm; sūṭ cigar (< Tamil curuṭṭu)
Комментарии: The original stem is still preserved in Toda tūr < *cūr 'storm'.
Номер по DED: 2684
Пранильгирийский: *cut_-
Значение: to wander
Кота: cut- (cuty-) "to wander, wrap around, coil (rope), twirl (sling), wrap on (waistcloth)"
Тода: tüt_- (tüt_y-) "to wander around; wind (tr.), whirl, wear (waistcloth)"
Дополнительные формы: Also Toda tüt_ binding of thatch wound around roof-poles; tüt_ xwɨṛ large intestine; tüt_ mutm all around; tud_py circle, round place
Комментарии: The development *cut_-ǐ- > *cuc- (in the past stem) was most probably hindered in Kota because of dissimilative reasons; later the present stem became influenced by the past stem. Considering, however, that even so Kota *cut_- rather than cut- would be expected, it is also possible that the Kota form is a borrowing from Kannada.
Номер по DED: 2715
Пранильгирийский: *dab-
Значение: a k. of noise
Кота: dabār in- (id_-), dabāl in- (id_-) "to make sound of body falling in a heap on to ground from a height"
Тода: pā top "the river's noise of waves beating (in song; TS pā tob is misprint)"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota dabārn with noise dabār; dabāl, dabāln with noise dabāl; dabakn with noise of falling crashingly or floppily; dap dop in- (id_-) to make repeated noises of falling or beating, or of a body thrashing about; dop dap in- (id_-) to make bumping noise of sexual intercourse; dop in- (id_-) to make noise of falling; dopn, dobn with noise of falling or of beating; dobār in- (id_-) to make noise of (pots, body) falling with a crash; dobārn with noise dobār; dobār dabār in- (id_-) to make noise of thrashing about while struggling; dobakn, dopakn with noise of falling with a crash
Номер по DED: 3069
Пранильгирийский: *ḍab-
Значение: to make noise as of gun shooting or bamboo joints exploding in fire
Кота: ḍabār in- (id_-)
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota ḍab ḍab in- (id_-) to make noise of the big flat drum (tabaṭk); ḍab ḍob in- (id_-) to make noise of gun shooting
Номер по DED: 2947
Пранильгирийский: *ḍab-
Значение: to make noise as of gun shooting or bamboo joints exploding in fire
Кота: ḍabār in- (id_-)
Номер по DED: 2947
Пранильгирийский: *daḍ-
Значение: with a sudden jerk
Кота: daḍṇ, daḍāl
Номер по DED: 3022
Пранильгирийский: *daḍ-
Значение: path, way
Кота: daṛv
Номер по DED: 3024
Пранильгирийский: *dag
Значение: (flame) burns brightly
Кота: dag dag in- (id_-)
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota dagdagn with a good light
Номер по DED: 2998
Пранильгирийский: *ḍam
Значение: to make sound of drum being beaten
Кота: ḍam ḍam in- (id_-), ḍam ḍ̣um in- (id_-)
Номер по DED: 2949
Пранильгирийский: *daṇ-
Значение: to become limp with fatigue
Кота: daṇak in- (id_-)
Номер по DED: 3045
Всего 1665 записей 84 страницы

Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Назад: 1
Вперед: 1 20 50

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