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Пранильгирийский: *a-
Значение: distant from speaker in time, space, or contextual relationship
Кота: a-
Тода: a-
Номер по DED: 1
Пранильгирийский: *a
Значение: demonstrative adjective
Кота: a (before consonant), ay (before vowel)
Тода: a (before consonant), ay (before vowel)
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota ay that place, there; ayk to that place; aytr from that place; ayōn, ayōl, ayōr, ayd that man, woman, etc.; ajn thence; at_ that direction; at_āk a little in that direction; at_ltr from that direction; at_ē go! (pl. at_ēm); atervī in that neighbourhood; adejn from that time on; al that time; alk at that time; alōn, alōḷ, alōr, ald that previous man, woman, etc.; alīk to that previous place; alā lo there!; anm (obl. ant-) like that, that fashion, that amount; antk to that extent; anān/anōn, anōḷ, anōr, and such an important man, woman, etc. as that; anā, ananā adj. such and such (as that); antā adj. so great; āpāṭy so big as that; antal so many as that; anmūṛ like that; sexual organs; anmūṛōn man like that, etc.; aŋ gey- to have intercourse with; and_ that day; amnēr two days before yesterday; Toda aɵɨd because of that, therefore; at_ in that direction; at_ɨk a little in that direction; al in that place, there; at_s_n, as_n from that direction; ad_ on that day; atfok then; at that many; that much; atton just/only that much, in that same way; atk that much; atks_ at that distance; atatk only so much as that; atōf such as that; a/g/ gɨs in that manner; as_ ɨn- to say like that; ānk to that place; ānār_ towards there, by that road; ātoṭ that bank; a mun that side, the other side; a mun nōṛ the world of the dead
Комментарии: In many Toda forms we should expect o, but the preservation of a throughout is either due to analogy with those stems where it should have been preserved (e.g. l-stems) or due to the frequency of this pronominal stem in general.
Номер по DED: 1
Пранильгирийский: *a-d
Значение: that thing
Кота: ad "that thing/those things"
Тода: aɵ (obl. an-) "that person or thing"
Комментарии: Also Toda pl. aɵām.
Номер по DED: 1
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ-
Значение: to cook
Кота: aṛ- (aṭ-) "to cook by boiling, bake (pots)"
Тода: oṛ- (oṭ-)
Номер по DED: 76
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ-
Значение: to happen; to give
Кота: aṛ- (aṭ-) "(something) happens to a person"
Тода: aṛpɨn "dowry (of buffaloes given by girl's father)"
Дополнительные формы: Also Toda aṛpɨt ɨr buffaloes of the dowry; nes_oṭ- (nes_oṭy-) to put to forehead in salutation, put forehead to something (e. g. ground) ceremonially (nes_n ground); tes_oṛ- (tes_oṭ-) to place cover on oneself (or someone else) for sleeping (tes_, cf. tel- to wrap tightly [garment])
Комментарии: Toda aṛpɨn < *aḍ-ä-pǝn- (whence a, not *o); the modified form is seen in tes_-oṛ-.
Номер по DED: 79
Пранильгирийский: *aḍä
Значение: betel pouch
Кота: aṛky
Тода: aḍky
Комментарии: *-kǐ < *kāj "fruit" (cf. external evidence).
Номер по DED: 88
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ[ḍ]-
Значение: to block; to shut
Кота: aṛv- (aṛd-) "to become blocked by an obstacle, (throat) becomes choked with tears"
Тода: aṛf- (aṛt-) "to shut"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota aṛv- (aṛt-) (door) shuts; to shut (door, hole), shut up (cattle); aḍ oblique, slanting, at right angles, crosswise; aḍ aḍ at full length, at right angles; aḍ voṛt rising or setting sun; aḍ mug- to bow to ground before god or godlike person; aḍ gaṭ- to obstruct, stop; Toda mɨṛk aṛf- to spoil one's voice by shouting (lit. choke to the neck); oḍ crosswise, obstructing, prostrate, contour line round a hill; oḍ oḍ foṭ- to obstruct (lit. lie crosswise); oḍ fɨḍɵ- to prostrate oneself (lit. fall horizontal); oḍ xoṭ- to obstruct; oḍty limit beyond which one must not go; oḍɵ awkward, ugly
Номер по DED: 83
Пранильгирийский: *aḍejḷ-
Значение: breadth, broad
Кота: aḍeyḷm, aḍīḷm
Номер по DED: 103
Пранильгирийский: *aḍǝ-
Значение: to stop, calm down
Кота: aṛg- (aṛgy-) "to stop, be obedient"
Тода: oḍg- (oḍgy-) "to be quiet, find sleeping accomodation in a crowded place"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota aṛk- (aṛky-) to cause to stop; aṛkaṭm obedience; aṛkm (obl. aṛkt-) act of making submit, burial; Toda oṛk- (oṛky-) to subdue, give sleeping accomodation in a crowded place; oḍkm (obl. oḍkt-) submission, burial
Номер по DED: 63
Пранильгирийский: *aḍǝ-
Значение: to be piled up in order
Кота: aṛg- (aṛgy-)
Тода: oḍg- (oḍgy-)
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota aṛk- (aṛky-) to pile up in order; aṛkm (obl. aṛkt-) piling up in order; Toda oṛk- (oṛky-) to pile
Номер по DED: 80
Пранильгирийский: *aḍǝd-
Значение: a k. of tree
Кота: aṛdn marm "Meliosma Wightii"
Тода: oḍdn "sp. tree with edible berries"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota aṛdn vaṇ its fruit
Номер по DED: 92
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ-ǝm
Значение: two-anna piece
Кота: aḍm (obl. aḍt-)
Номер по DED: 104
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ-gal
Значение: small anvil
Кота: aṛ gal
Номер по DED: 86
Пранильгирийский: *aḍĭ
Значение: foot
Кота: aṛy "foot (measure)"
Тода: oṛy
Номер по DED: 72
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ-ĭ
Значение: door, in song-unit: kabɨn oḍy iron door
Тода: oḍy
Номер по DED: 3845
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ-ĭ-
Значение: often
Тода: oḍyk
Номер по DED: 84
Пранильгирийский: *aḍ-ĭ-
Значение: to strike (ball in game)
Кота: ayṛ- (aṛc-)
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota aṛdaṛy act of quarrelling with blows; aṛymuṛy gey- (gec-) to win over someone (acc.) in a fight
Номер по DED: 77
Пранильгирийский: *aḍjāḷ-
Значение: sign
Тода: oḍyōḷm
Номер по DED: 89
Пранильгирийский: *ag-
Значение: broad
Кота: agalm (obl. agalt-) "width"
Тода: ox ɨn- "be broad"
Дополнительные формы: Also Kota ān- (ād_-) to open (mouth) wide; (mouth) is open wide (PSS); Toda ox et_- (ox et_y-) to make broad
Комментарии: Kota ān- is compared with forms like Tamil ān_r_a 'wide' (supposedly from *ak-an_r_-?). If it is so, the Kota form should be traced back to *ag-nd_- > *ā-nd_- > *ān-.
Номер по DED: 8
Пранильгирийский: *ag[ǝ]ṛ-
Значение: to dig
Кота: av- (avd-) "to dig hole with tool"
Тода: aḍ- (aḍɵ-)
Комментарии: Inlaut cluster reconstructed based on external data. Preservation of Toda a is explained by the development *agǝṛ-v- > *aṛ-ǝv- > *aḍ-.
Номер по DED: 11
Всего 1665 записей 84 страницы

Страницы: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Вперед: 1 20 50

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