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Entry: hipmaʔ, -hipt-/-hip-
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: hit, strike
Comments: cf. -nbo: hipmaʔ.
Entry: -nbo: hipmaʔ
Grammar: -hipt-/-hip- vt.
Meaning: instill someone with a revulsion for something
Derivation: [lit. strike someone's nose]
Comments: tɔkʔille sa:rik anbo: hiptu I'm fed up with bhāt; cf. e:ʔmaʔ, -niN lɛʔmaʔ.
Entry: phipmaʔ, -phitt-/-phit-/-phiʔl
Grammar: vt.
Meaning: 1) pinch; 2) (with huk hands) press one's hands between one's thighs or under one's armpits (eg. for warmth)
Derivation: [dir. < phimmaʔ squeeze]
Comments: 1) khɛbɔkle kɛbhiʔl The crab will pinch you; cf. ke:pmaʔ 2) ahuk phittuN I'm putting my hands in my armpits; cf. cɔmmaʔ, immaʔ, phɛNmaʔ, phɛpmaʔ, phimmaʔ.
Entry: khipmaʔ, -khipt-/-khip-
Kiranti etymology: Kiranti etymology
Grammar: vi.
Meaning: stick
Total of 4 records

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