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Entry: lamthi:nɨ
Grammar: vi-1 lam thi:y/thi:
Meaning: 1) fall 2) hit the road, be on one's way
Nepali: 1) khasnu, laḍnu; 2) hĩḍnu.
Derivation: [lam road, way + thi:nɨ stumble and fall]
Comments: 2) AN de:l-lamtɨ bele lɨkɨyi lamthi:yǝm I have gone off to loiter about in the village.
Entry: lomthi:nɨ
Comments: vide lamthi:nɨ.
Entry: thi:nɨ
Kiränti etymology: Kiränti etymology
Grammar: vi-1 thi:y/thi:
Meaning: stumble and fall, trip, fall
Nepali: khasnu, laḍnu
Comments: cf. ɨnnɨ, pi:pnɨ, tha:Nnɨ.
Entry: thi:nɨ
Kiränti etymology: Kiränti etymology
Grammar: vt-1 thi:
Meaning: trip someone, cause to fall over, cause to stumble (takes both animate and inanimate patient)
Nepali: laḍāunu.
Derivation: [< thi:nɨ vi-1 'stumble and fall']
Total of 4 records

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