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Proto-Altaic: "*uk`e" | Query method: Match substring
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Proto-Altaic: *uk`e
Nostratic: Nostratic
Meaning: a k. of bucket, fish-trap
Russian meaning: вид ведра, ловушка для рыбы
Tungus-Manchu: *ukī
Korean: *oku
Japanese: *bǝ̀kaî
Comments: An Eastern isogloss.
Proto-Altaic: *úk`è
Meaning: hill
Russian meaning: холм
Mongolian: *(h)ukaɣa
Tungus-Manchu: *(x)uKu-
Japanese: *bǝ́ká
Comments: Cf. *bū̀k`e. {Cf. PEsAl *aku- 'precipice'?}
Proto-Altaic: *uk`è
Meaning: stupid, arrogant
Russian meaning: глупый, надменный
Turkic: *ökte-
Mongolian: *(h)üki
Tungus-Manchu: *(x)uKu-
Japanese: *bǝkǝ
Comments: The basic meaning of the root appears to be 'stupid', whence 'insincere' and 'proud, arrogant'.
Total of 3 records

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