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Proto-IE: "*kerw-" | Query method: Equal
Proto-IE: *kerw-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: deer, ox, cow
Slavic: *kъrvъ: OPol karw `старый никчемный вол'; *kórvā `корова'
Baltic: *kar̂w-iā̃, *kurw-a- m.
Germanic: *xiru-t-a-, -an- m., *xiru-t-u- c.
Latin: cervus, -ī m. `Hirsch'; cerva f. `Hirschkuh'
Celtic: Cymr carw, Corn carow, Bret karo `Hirsch'
Albanian: алб. ka, pl. qe `ox'
Russ. meaning: скот (олень, бык, корова)
References: WP I 403 f
Comments: Cf. Tokh B karse 'deer, stag' (Adams 145), Greek {κάρτην την βου̃ν. Κρη̃τες Hsch. - nowhere found but in WP and Pok.!}

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