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Chinese characters :

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Modern (Beijing) reading: lín
Preclassic Old Chinese: rǝm
Classic Old Chinese: rǝm
Western Han Chinese: rǝm
Eastern Han Chinese: rǝm
Early Postclassic Chinese: lim
Middle Postclassic Chinese: lim
Late Postclassic Chinese: lim
Middle Chinese: lim
English meaning : forest, woods; forester; a kind of bell
Russian meaning[s]: 1) лес, роща; лесной; 2) собрание; сборник; множество; 3) густой; цветущий; 4) Линь (фамилия)
Shuowen gloss: 平土有叢木曰林.從二木.凡林之屬皆從林. [271]
Comments: For initial *r- cf. Min forms: Xiamen na2, Chaozhou lim2, Fuzhou liŋ2, Jianou lɛiŋ2. Cf. also a derivate: OC *srǝm 森 'thicket, grove'.
Sino-Tibetan etymology: Sino-Tibetan etymology
Dialectal data: Dialectal data
Radical: 75
Four-angle index: 5148
Karlgren code: 0655 a-d
Vietnamese reading: lâm
Shijing occurrences: 7.3_, 31.3

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Sino-Tibetan etymology :

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Proto-Sino-Tibetan: *rǝ̆m
Meaning: forest
Chinese: *rǝm forest, grove; numerous; 森 *srǝm dense trees, thicket, grove.
Burmese: rum to spring in clusters, as several sprouts from one root.
Kachin: diŋ-gram2 a forest.
Lushai: ram forest, jungle; country, kingdom.
Comments: Cf. Austric: PAA *Cǝrɨŋ, Thai *grɨm 'forest'.

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Chinese Dialects :

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Number: 602
Chinese etymology: Chinese etymology
MC description : 深開三平侵來
ZIHUI: 2651 2106
Beijing: lin 12
Jinan: liẽ 12
Xi'an: liẽ 12
Taiyuan: liŋ 1
Hankou: nin 12
Chengdu: nin 12
Yangzhou: lĩ 12
Suzhou: lin 12
Wenzhou: leŋ 12
Changsha: nin 12
Shuangfeng: nin 12
Nanchang: lin 31
Meixian: lim 12
Guangzhou: lam 12
Xiamen: lim 12
Chaozhou: lim 12
Fuzhou: liŋ 12
Shanghai: liŋ 32
Zhongyuan yinyun: liǝm 12

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