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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *at-/*et-
Meaning: a k. of freshwater fish
Old Greek: ételis / etelís m. (f.) `eine Art Meerfisch (Goldbrasse?)'
Baltic: *at-i- f., *ō̃t-a- c., *ōt-iā̃ f.
Latin: attilus, -ī m. `ein störähnlicher grosser Fisch im Po'
Russ. meaning: рыба (пресноводная)
References: WP I 44

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Baltic etymology :

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Proto-Baltic: *at-i- f., *ō̃t-a- c., *ōt-iā̃ f.
Meaning: a k. of freshwater fish
Indo-European etymology: Indo-European etymology
Lithuanian: atì-s `Steinbutte'; ō̃ta-s 'id.'
Lettish: ãte (Biel.) 'die Steinbutte (Pleuronectes maximus)'

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Pokorny's dictionary :

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Number: 125
Root: *ati-, ateli-, -o-
English meaning: a k. of fish
German meaning: Fischname?
Material: Gr. ἐτελίς `Goldbrassen' (kann aus *ἀτελίς assimiliert sein), lat. attilus `ein störähnlicher großer Fisch im Po' (wohl gall. oder ligur.: Holder Altcelt. Sprachsch. s. v., M.-L. 766; anders Hirt IF. 37, 222); alit. atìs, lit.õtas, lett. ãte `Steinbutte'.
References: WP. I 44, WH. I 78.
Pages: 70
PIE database: PIE database

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