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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ēẓ-
Meaning : to rise, raise
Tamil : eẓu (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to rise (as from seat or bed), ascend (as heavenly body), rise by one's own power (as a bird), appear, originate, be excited, aroused, increase, swell, grow (as a tree, breasts), return to life, awake, spread (as fame, rumour), begin, commence
Tamil derivates : eẓal enthusiasm, elation, originating; eẓucci rising, ascent, elevation, starting (as of an idol in procession), origin, birth, appearance, beginning; eẓuppu (eẓuppi-) to cause or help to rise, erect (a building), awake, rouse, restore to life, excite, stimulate, instigate, agitate, inflame (as the passions), raise (as the voice in speaking or singing); n. rousing, waking; eẓuppam rising, getting up, growth, height, elevation; eẓumpu (eẓumpi-) = eẓu; empu (empi-) to rise, spring up; eẓumai height; eẓuvu (eẓuvi-) to cause to rise; evvu (evvi-) to rise; eṭu (-pp-, -tt-) to take up, raise, bear, carry, hold up, weigh in a balance, undertake, utter or sing in a loud voice, speak highly of, choose, build (as a wall), remove; be inflated (as a monkey's cheeks), be high (as the forehead), be prominent (as nose or ear); eṭukkal lifting; eṭuttal weight, measurement by balance; eṭuttan_ pack-ox; eṭuppu elevation, superiority, undertaking, arrogance, superciliousness; eṭuppu (eṭuppi-) to awake, produce (as harmonious sounds from an instrument), dispel, drive away; eṭai weighing, weight, rousing from sleep, lengthening, increasing; iṭai weight; eṭci rising sign (astrology); ēṭci rising of a heavenly body
Malayalam : eẓuka
Malayalam meaning : to rise, be high
Malayalam derivates : eẓu height, prominence; eẓuma rising; eẓumpuka = eẓuka; eṭukka to raise, lift, take up, build, undertake, choose; become raised, visible, prominent; eṭuppu raising, taking up, harvest; eṭuppikka to get to take up, get built; ēẓuka to rise (hon. of raja's moving)
Kannada : eẓ, ēẓ (eẓd-), ēẓu (edd-)
Kannada meaning : to stand up, rise, awake, spring up, be produced, be obtained
Kannada derivates : eẓ rising; eẓbu, ebbu to rise; eẓbisu, eẓvisu, ebbisu, erbu, ebbu to rouse, awaken, lift up, raise, take away, give life; ēẓisu to cause to rise, raise, etc.; ēẓige, ēẓge, ēẓuvike, ēẓvike, ēẓuha rising, growth, greatness, elation, haughtiness
Kodagu : ē̈ḷ- (ē̈v, ëdd-)
Kodagu meaning : to get up
Kodagu derivates : ëḍɨ- (ëḍɨp-, ëḍɨt-) to raise; ëpp- (ëppi-) to raise up, make to get up
Tulu : erkuni
Tulu meaning : to rise or collect (as water in a place), puff up, swell
Tulu derivates : erkāvuni to tuck up (clothes when wading a river), hold back (as milk by a cow); erpuni to lift up; erkụ rising or accumulation (as of water); adj. exceeding; erke, erkelụ rising; erka fullness; adj. full; ertè flood tide; (D.N.S. Bhat, p. 14) eḷañci, leñci, (B-K.) eñci, ēñcụ ladder
Proto-Nilgiri : *eḍ-ǝv-
Miscellaneous : KOR (T) eṇṇɨ to lift; eṇṇalɨ to carry a child
Number in DED : 0851

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Nilgiri etymology :

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Proto-Nilgiri : *eḍǝ-
Meaning : to rise
South Dravidian etymology: South Dravidian etymology
Kota : eṛv- (eṛd-) "(smoke) rises up, spring up from position, fly"
Toda : öḍ- (öḍɵ-) "to be high or raised, rise, get up (from sitting or lying), (tree) grows, (peacock) dances"
Additional forms : Also Kota eṛv- (eṛt-) to make to spring up from position; eṛ weight; Toda öoɵ where (mud) has not risen in water (= öḍoɵ; < Badaga); öṛf- (öṛt-) to carry, place (corpse) on fire, arouse from sleep, give (girl) in marriage, bring to life; öṛt- (öṛty-) to arouse from sleep, rouse, resurrect
Number in DED : 851

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