Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the Ob-Ugrian group (Uralic family).

Languages included: North Mansi [oug-msn], Middle Lozva Mansi [oug-mlm], Lower Lozva Mansi [oug-mlu], Pelymka Mansi [oug-msp], Konda Mansi [oug-msk], Tavda Mansi [oug-mst], Vakh Khanty [oug-khv], Verkhne-Kalymsk Khanty [oug-kvk], Vasjugan Khanty [oug-kvj], Vartovskoje Khanty [oug-kvr], Likrisovskoje Khanty [oug-klk], Malyj Jugan Khanty [oug-kmj], Tremjugan Khanty [oug-ktr], Jugan Khanty [oug-khj], Upper Demjanka Khanty [oug-kdn], Konda Khanty [oug-kko], Nizjam Khanty [oug-kni], Sherkaly Khanty [oug-ksh], Kazym Khanty [oug-kkz], Synja Khanty [oug-ksy], Obdorsk Khanty [oug-kho].

Data sources.
General: Munkácsi & Kálmán 1986 = Wogulisches Wörterbuch. Gesammelt von Bernát Munkácsi. Geordnet, bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Béla Kálmán. Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, 1986. // The only extensive dialect dictionary of Mansi available so far. Quality of transcription is rather poor (variant forms in the same dialect for the most part are due to this factor rather than real variation in the language). Nevertheless, numerous examples of usage make the dictionary indispensable for the preparation of Swadesh wordlists.
Steinitz 1966-1993 = Steinitz W. Dialektologisches und etymologisches Wörterbuch der ostjakischen Sprache. Lfg. 1-15. Berlin. // The most authoritative dictionary of Khanty dialects, also contains etymological information.

Additional: Solovar 2006 = Соловар В. Н. Хантыйско-русский словарь. Санкт-Петербург: ООО «Миралл». // A modern dictionary of Kazym Khanty.
Tereshkin 1961 = Терешкин Н. И. Очерки диалектов хантыйского языка. Часть первая. Ваховский диалект. Москва, Ленинград: Издательство Академии наук СССР. // A grammar of Vakh Khanty, accompanied by a rather extensive dictionary and a small collection of texts.

Database compiled and annotated by: M. Zhivlov (March 2011).