Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the Mondé group (Tupían family).

Languages included: Suruí-Paitér [mon-sur].


I. Suruí-Paitér

Bontkes 1978 = Bontkes, William. Dicionário preliminar Suruí-Português – Português-Suruí. Porto Velho: Summer Institute of Linguistics. // A wordlist of Suruí with a short grammar sketch.

Meer 1982 = Meer, Tine H. van der. Fonologia da língua Suruí. MA thesis. Campinas: Universidade Estadual de Campinas. // A description of Suruí phonology and morphophonology. A very small number of sample sentences are provided.

Bontkes & Bontkes 2009 [1978] = Bontkes, Willem; Bontkes, Carolyn. Phonemic Analysis of Suruí. Preliminary Version. Anápolis: Associação Internacional de Lingüística SIL – Brasil. // A description of Suruí phonology. Several sample sentences are provided.


I. Suruí-Paitér.

The transcription used here is broadly phonetic. For stems that undergo the voicing/nasalisation of the initial consonant when preceded by certain prefixes, the allomorph with a stem-initial voiceless consonant will be chosen.

The data in [Meer 1982] and [Bontkes & Bontkes 2009] are cited in their phonetic and phonemic representations; only minimal changes are needed for the UTS transcription (θ and ɬ are standardized to ɬ; ð and l are standardized to l; ç and š are standardized to ʆ; word-final unreleased stops are written as voiced, the allophonic nasalization of glides is not noted, the allophonic nasalization of vowels is noted). The low tone is unmarked in the sources but is reflected in our transcription.

In [Bontkes 1978], an orthographic representation is introduced (s for č, h for ɬ, etc.). Since it is far from being widely used, the orthographic representation is omitted from the cited forms.

Database compiled and annotated by: André Nikulin (November 2016).