Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the Upper Sepik group (Sepik-Ramu family).

Languages included: Abau [seu-abu].

Data sources.
Lock 2007 = Lock, Arjen. Phonology Essentials: Abau Language. Ukarumpa: SIL International. // A detailed description of Abau phonology; includes a large selection of illustrative material in phonetic and phonological notation.
Lock 2011 = Lock, Arnold (Arjen) Hugo. Abau Grammar. Data Papers on Papua New Guinea Languages, Vol. 57. Ukarumpa: SIL-PNG Academic Publications. // A detailed description of Abau grammar; includes a large selection of illustrative material in phonological notation (omitting tones).
Bailey 1975 = Bailey, David A. Abau Language Phonology and Grammar. Workpapers in Papua New Guinea Languages, Vol. 9. Ukarumpa: SIL. // Detailed description of Abau phonology, including phonetic and phonological notation and a thorough description of the language's tonal system. The accompanying "grammar" mainly consists of a theoretical introduction, executed in the "tagmemic" paradigm, and is of little use.

The default source for Abau is [Lock 2011], as the one that contains the most lexical material (most of which appears in syntactic contexts and is, therefore, of particularly great use for wordlist construction). However, that source omits much phonetic detail of the language, operating with a simplified (sometimes, perhaps, too simplified) phonological notation and not marking tones. Where possible, therefore, the data have been supplemented by additional info from [Lock 2007] (where phonological and phonetic notation are contrasted) and [Bailey 1975] (the only source that consistently marks tones, although, unfortunately, the lexical material is quite limited).
Although there are some significant phonetic and lexical differences between Abau dialects, lexically Lock and Bailey's data coincide in all but two cases ('fish', 'white'); it does not make sense to treat these sources as lexicostatistically different entities.

Database compiled and annotated by: G. Starostin (October 2011).