Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the Coast Salish group (Salishan family).

Languages included: Upriver Halkomelem [csa-hlu], Island Halkomelem [csa-hli].


Upriver Halkomelem.

Galloway 2009 = Galloway, B. D. Dictionary of Upriver Halkomelem. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009. // The only extensive dictionary of Upriver Halkomelem dialect available so far (almost 1800 pages). Entries include morphological, syntactic, semantic, as well as etymological information wherever possible.

Island Halkomelem.

Gerdts 1997 = Gerdts, D. B., Compton, B., Edwards, L. & Ulrich, Ch. Hul’q’umin’um’ words: an English-to- Hul’q’umin’um’ and Hul’q’umin’um’-to-English dictionary. Prepared for the Chemainus, Nanaimo and Nanoose First Nations and Nanaimo School District No. 68. // This is an important piece of work that draws heavily upon previous research on the Island dialect of Halkomelem language (commonly referred to as Hul’q’umin’um’). Professor Donna Gerdts is a leading authority on Hul’q’umin’um’.

Additional source: Personal communication with Prof. B. Galloway and Prof. D. Gerdts.



The Upriver Halkomelem data are given in UTS variants as well as official Sto:lo orthography, developed by B. Galloway. The Island Halkomelem data are given only in their UTS variants, since there is no official orthography adopted by all the tribes on the Island. Transliteration from Sto:lo characters for the Upriver dialect is as follows:

a ɛ
ch c
e ǝ
h h
i i
k k
kw kw
kwʼ w
l l
lh ɬ
m m
n n
o a
p p
q q
qw qw
qwʼ q’w
s s
t t
th θ
thʼ tθʼ
tlʼ ƛ
ts c
u u
w w
x x
xw xw
y y
' ʔ (except after stops p, t, k, g where this sign marks glottalic articulation of the consonant)
: ː (vowel length)

Database compiled and annotated by: Elena Barreiro (last update: August 2012).