Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the South Omotic group (Omotic family).

Languages included: Ari [som-ari].

Data sources.
Bender 1971 = Bender, M. Lionel. The languages of Ethiopia. A new lexicostatistic classification and some problems of diffusion. In: Anthropological Linguistics v. 13, n. 5, pp. 165-288. // (Large collection of Bender-modified Swadesh wordlists (the Bender wordlist differs by 6-7 items) for almost every language of Ethiopia. Transcription quality is not always perfect.)
Bender 1994 = Bender, M. Lionel. Aroid (South Omotic) Lexicon. In: Afrikanistische Arbeitspapiere, 38, pp. 133-162. // (Mid-size collection of comparative vocabularies for Ari, Hamer, and Dime, concentrating on inherited South Omotic lexicon. Ari material incorporates data from [Hayward 1990] as well as R. Hayward's previously unpublished fieldwork, along with M. L. Bender's own collected lexica, marked separately.)
Blažek 2008 = Blažek, Vaclav. A lexicostatistical comparison of Omotic languages. In: In Hot Pursuit of Language in Prehistory: Essays in the four fields of anthropology. In honor of Harold Crane Fleming. Ed. by John D. Bengtson. John Benjamins Publishing Company: Amsterdam / Philadelphia, pp. 57-148. // (Collection of Swadesh wordlists for most known Omotic languages, with etymological comments by the author. For some languages, contains manuscript data from unpublished or hard-to-find sources. For Ari: relies on data from H. Fleming's Ph.D. thesis.)

Ari: Hayward 1990 = Hayward, Richard J. Notes on the Aari language. In: Omotic language studies. Ed. by Richard J. Hayward. School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, pp. 425-493. // (Detailed grammatical description with ample illustrative material. No separate wordlist provided for the language.)

Database compiled and annotated by: G. Starostin.