Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the Eyak group (Na-Dene family).

Languages included: Eyak [eya-eya].

Data sources.

Krauss 1965 = M. E. Krauss. Eyak: a preliminary report. In: Canadian Journal of Linguistics 10 (1965). P. 167-187. // A brief grammar sketch.
Krauss 1968 = M. E. Krauss. Noun-Classification Systems in Athapaskan, Eyak, Tlingit and Haida Verbs. In: International Journal of American Linguistics 34/3 (1968). P. 194-203.
Krauss 1970 = M. E. Krauss. Eyak dictionary. University of Alaska & Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1963-1970. // The electronic copy (scanned pdf-files) available at the Alaska Native Language Archive (2011), item EY961K1970b ( has been used. Some pages contain Krauss' handwritten marginalia. The main file (Eyak-English) consists of ca. 3000 pages, but w/o pagination. We refer to electronic page numbers from 1 to 2948 of the ANLA pdf-file. A second copy available to us is that published at MIT Microphoto Laboratory, reduced to circa 4 or 5 pages of original to 1 page. Pages of this copy are numbered from 1 to 666, but the print quality is too poor to make it possible to use this copy as a primary source.
Krauss 1970a = M. E. Krauss. Eyak dictionary. // The second pdf-file, available at the Alaska Native Language Archive (2011), item EY961K1970b ( It consists of 116 pages and includes English-, German- and Russian-Eyak indexes for Krauss 1970. Scanned pages, numbered from 667 to 782.
Krauss 1982 = In Honor of Eyak: The Art of Anna Nelson Harry. Compiled and edited with introduction and commentary by M. E. Krauss. Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska. // Transcribed and translated Eyak texts, recorded through the 1960s and 1970s.
Krauss 2009 = M. E. Krauss. Eyak Grammar drafts. // Retyped electronic copy of Krauss' ms, ver. 10 (2009); file last updated 2011-04-05. Downloaded from the Alaska Native Language Archive, item EY961K2009 (

We transliterate Krauss' alphabet as follows:

b p
m m
ʔm ʔm
d t
n n
ʔn ʔn
l l
ʔl ʔl
ɫ ɬ
ʎ, dl ƛ
ƛ, tl ƛʰ
ƛʼ, tlʼ ƛʼ
ʒ, dz c
c, ts
cʼ, tsʼ
s s
ǯ, dž, j č
č, tš, ch čʰ
čʼ, tšʼ, chʼ čʼ
š, sh š
g k
x x
ɢ q
h h
ʔ ʔ
y y
ʔy ʔy
w w
ʔw ʔw
Ṿ, Vn
Vh Vh
a a
e e
i i
u u
ǝ ǝ
ä a

Database compiled and annotated by: A. Kassian, October 2011 / revised May 2017 (minor corrections).