Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the North Iroquoian group (Iroquoian family).

Languages included: Seneca [nir-snc].

Data sources.

Chafe 1967 = Wallace L. Chafe. Seneca Morphology and Dictionary. Washington: Smithsonian Press. // A dictionary of Seneca with extensive morphological and morphophonological information, but without textual examples.
Chafe 1996 = Wallace L. Chafe. Sketch of Seneca, an Iroquoian Language / Handbook of North American Indians. v. 17. Languages. Washington, 1996, pp. 551-579. // A sketch of Seneca accompanied by a short English-Seneca wordlist.
Holmer 1953 = Nils M. Holmer. Seneca III / International Journal of American Linguistics, Vol. 19, No. 4 (Oct., 1953), pp. 281-289. // A short sketch of Seneca.

Database compiled and annotated by: M. Zhivlov.