Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the Haida group (Haida family).

Languages included: Haida Southern [hai-hax], Haida Northern [hai-hdn].

Data sources.
General: Enrico 2003 = Enrico, John. Haida syntax. 2 volumes. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2003. // Detailed grammatical description of the Haida morphosyntax.
Enrico 2005 = Enrico, John. Haida dictionary: Skidegate, Masset, and Alaskan Dialects. Alaska Native Language Center and Sealaska Heritage Institute, 2005. // Enormous dictionary of all the major dialects of Haida, complete with numerous examples of usage.

[Enrico 2005] covers both the Southern (Skidegate [S]; more archaic phonetically) and Northern (Masset [M] & Alaskan [A], very close to each other) dialects. The wordlists are compiled for Skidegate and Masset idioms. Alaskan counterparts are normally quoted in comments on Masset entries.
Comments referring to both S and M dialects are placed in the special field "Common Haida notes".

We transliterate Enricoʼs alphabet as follows:

b p
m m
d t
n n
j c
s s
dl ƛ
tl ƛʰ
tlʼ ƛʼ
hl ɬ
l l
g k
ng ŋ
c x
r q (Skidegate)
r ʡ (Masset & Alaskan)
G q (Masset & Alaskan, in loanwords)
x χ (Skidegate)
x ħ (Masset & Alaskan)
X χ (Masset & Alaskan, in loanwords)
7 ʔ
h h
y y
w w
. . (an abstract, phonetically unrealized consonant in M & A)
@ ǝ
V́ (high tone in A and rarely in S)
V̀ (low tone in S & M)
neutral (middle) tone is unmarked in all dialects

Possible cognates in Na-Dene languages are quoted after [Enrico 2005], following his own transcription and reconstruction ("PA" means "Proto-Athabaskan") rather than the UTS system.

Database compiled and annotated by: A. Kassian (January 2011).