Annotated Swadesh wordlists for the Beboid group (Benue-Congo family).

Languages included: Abar [beb-aba], Missong [beb-mis].

Data sources.
General: Hamm et al. 2002 = Hamm, Cameron; Diller, Jason; Jordan-Diller, Kari; Assako a Tiati, Ferdinand. A Rapid Appraisal Survey of Western Beboid Languages (Menchum Division, Northwest Province). SIL International. // Brief SIL report on the current status of the Western Beboid language group. Includes a 126-item wordlist that, for some of these languages, is currently the only available source of information.

The wordlists based on [Hamm et al. 2002] contain numerous lacunae, since Hamm's 126-item wordlist omits many regular Swadesh items (e. g. all of the pronouns and adjectives). There is no grammatical information available, either; morphological segmentation has been performed on a very approximate basis, with class prefixes and grammatical suffixes detached from the root mainly through comparative analysis with other words on the list, as well as mutual evidence from different Beboid languages.

Database compiled and annotated by: G. Starostin.