Comparative vocabulary of the Yenisseian languages, published as Starostin 1995. The glosses and comments here are in Russian (no English translation is available yet), so you need a Cyrillic font and some knowledge of Russian to utilize this database.

    Database structure.

    1. Protoform. The Proto-Yenisseian reconstruction by S. Starostin.
    2. Meaning. The meaning of the Proto-Yenisseian form.
    3-7. Languages: Ket, Sym (treated here as a separate language rather than just a Ket dialect), Kottish, Arin, Pumpokol.
    8. Comments. Etymological, phonological and other notes.
    9. External parallels. Probable external parallels (from North Caucasian and Sino-Tibetan languages), where available.