The Swadesh wordlist for Tai-Kadai languages. The first two fields contain items from Proto-Zhuang-Tai and Proto-Kam-Sui (taken from reconstructions in the etymological databases, also available on-site) that are most likely to have represented the respective Swadesh notions in these protolanguages. The other fields yield data from modern languages (unfortunately, groups like Proto-Gelao have not yet been reconstructed), most of which were taken from field records collected under the supervision of Ilya Peiros in 2000-2003 for the Intercontinental Dictionary Series Project (IDS).
The wordlists are linked to the Tai-Kadai etymological database for those items that actually have a Tai-Kadai etymology (many, for the moment, have no known etymological connections whatsoever).
Results of lexicostatistical calculations, reflected in the tree diagram available on the site, show a primary bifurcation into Kra (Ge-Yang) and Daic (Li, Kam-Tai = Kam-Sui, Zhuang-Tai, and Lakkia), in agreement with some old classification models. These results, however, are subject to possible change in the future as our understanding of Proto-Tai-Kadai historical phonology increases and influences certain questionable decisions on cognate selection.