O. Mudrak's Chukchee-Kamchatkan database. The glosses and comments here are
in Russian (no English translation is available yet), so you need a Cyrillic
font and some knowledge of Russian to utilize this database.

    Database structure.

    1. Protoform. The reconstructed Proto-Chukchee-Kamchatkan form.
    2. Meaning. The reconstructed meaning (in Russian).
    3. Chukchee-Koryak. The reconstructed Chukchee-Koryak form, as well as a
link to the subordinate Chukchee-Koryak database.
    4. Itelmen. The reconstructed Proto-Itelmen form derived from the
Chukchee-Kamchatkan protoform, as well as a link to the Itelmen database.
    5. Comments. Etymological notes and references.