Chaplino (field CHAP) - Chaplino (literary Eskimo language in the Russian Federation) (Chap), St. Lawrence Island (SLI); forms cited after the double slash are the ones given in CED. Entries fromBogoraz' dictionary are marked with an asterisk after the word.
Alutiiq Alaskan Yupik
Chugach (field CHUG) - Prince William Sound (PWS), Kenai Peninsula (KP).
Koniag (field KONI) - Kodiak (Kod), Alaska Peninsula (AP), Perryville (Perry).

Central Alaskan Yupik (field CAYS) - General Central Yupic (GSY), Lake Iliamna (LI), Kuskokwim (K) (Lower LK, Upper UK), Bristol Bay (BB), Nushagak River (NR), Upper Yukon (UY).

Peripheral Alaskan Yupik
Egegik (field EGEG) - Egegik (Eg), Yukon (Y).
Chevak (field CHEV) - Hooper-Bay Chevak (HBC), Nelson Island (NI).
Nunivak (field NUN) - the words cited by Jenness are noticed with an asterisk* at the end.
Norton Sound (field NRTS).