The Gondwan (Gondi-Kui) database, subordinate to the Common Dravidian
database. Since the Gondwan group of Dravidian consists of several closely linked "pairings" of languages, this database mostly contains intermediate reconstructions.

    Database structure.
    1. Protoform. The Proto-Gondwan reconstruction.
    2. Meaning. The reconstructed meaning.
    3. Gondi protoform. The Proto-Gondi form and a link to the Gondi database.
    4. Konda form. The reflex of Proto-Gondwan in Konda, as well as a link
to the separate Konda database.
    5. Pengo-Manda protoform. The Proto-Pengo-Manda form and a link to the
separate Pengo-Manda database.
    6. Kui-Kuwi protoform. The Proto-Kui-Kuwi form and a link to the separate
Kui-Kuwi database.
    7. Notes.
    8. Dravidian protoform. A link from Gondwan to the upper level Common
Dravidian database.