This is the DOC database kindly provided by William Wang and Chin-Chuan Cheng. The database was developed at Berkeley and the City University of Hong Kong since the late sixties, on the basis of the Hanyu Fangyin Zihui, and is now also available in text format at To adjust it to my page I had to modify the database format and change the encoding: instead of IPA I use the transcription common for other databases. I hope it will be easily readable and I made sure that no information was lost. I preserved, however, the notation of tones, so the reader should be aware that Beijing tones are marked differently in the Old Chinese database and in DOC.
    Database structure.
    1. Character. Chinese characters in Big5 encoding.
    2. Old Chinese. A link to my Old Chinese database.
    3. MC description. Includes traditional information on the Middle Chinese reading including: she, kou, deng, tone, rhyme and initial.
    4-21. Dialects: Beijing, Jinan, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Hankou, Chengdu, Yangzhou, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Changsha, Shuangfeng, Nanchang, Meixian, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Chaozhou, Fuzhou, Shanghai.
    22. A phonetic interpretation of Zhongyuan yinyun.