The Tsezian part of the North Caucasian etymological dictionary.

    Database structure.

    1. Protoform. The Proto-Tsezian form in S. Nikolayev's reconstruction.
    2. Meaning. As in most lowlevel (subgroup) databases the meaning presented here is not an attempt of semantic reconstruction, but rather an enumeration of the actually attested meanings in daughter languages.
    3-8. Languages: Tsezi, Ginukh, Khvarshi, Inkhokvari (regarded here as an independent language and not as a dialect of Khvarshi), Bezhita, Gunzib.
    9. Comments. Two intermediate reconstructions are presented here: the Proto-Tsezi-Khvarshi (PCK), and the Proto-Gunzib-Bezhita (PGB). The respective subgroups contain very closely related languages, and we decided not to procure separate databases for them. Nevertheless, the protoforms are rather informative and are placed into the comments field whenever available. One can also find here additional dialectal data and general etymological remarks.
    10. NC etymology. A link to the upper level North (East) Caucasian database.