This is the West Caucasian (Abkhazo-Adyghe) part of the North Caucasian comparative dictionary.
    Database structure.
    1. Protoform. The PWC form in S. A. Starostin's reconstruction.
    2. Meaning. As in most lowlevel (subgroup) databases the meaning presented here is not an attempt of semantic reconstruction, but rather an enumeration of the actually attested meanings in daughter languages.
    3-7. Languages: Abkhaz, Abaza, Adyghe, Circassian, Ubykh.
    8. Comments. Since the three subgroups of West Caucasian (Abkhaz-Abaza, Adyghe-Circassian and Ubykh) are very small and compact, I decided not to place them in separate databases. This field, therefore, wherever it is possible contains reconstructed Proto-Abkhaz-Abaza ( = Proto-Abkhaz-Tapanta, PAT) forms and Proto-Circassian ( = Proto-Adyghe-Circassian, Proto-Adyghe-Kabardian, PAK) forms.
    9. NC etymology. A link to the upper level North Caucasian database.