This is the Avaro-Andian part of the North Caucasian comparative dictionary.

    Database structure.
    1. Protoform. There are in fact no Avaroandian protoforms available. The field normally contains the Proto-Andian forms (in somewhat modified Gudava's reconstructions), from which the Avar forms are usually deducible. In some cases - when we only have an Avar form, without Andian matches - the protoform presented is a mere construct (an idea of what the Andian protoform would look like if there were actual Andian reflexes).
    2. Meaning. As in most lowlevel (subgroup) databases the meaning presented here is not an attempt of semantic reconstruction, but rather an enumeration of the actually attested meanings in daughter languages.
    3-11. Languages: Avar, Andi, Akhvakh, Chamalal, Tindi, Karata, Botlikh, Bagvalal, Godoberi.
    12. Comments (for the most part containing additional dialectal data).
    13. NC etymology. A link to the upper level North (East) Caucasian database.