The Swadesh wordlists for seven !Wi languages/dialects. Data sources are Bleek 1929 and 1956 for |Xam, //Ng, and |Auni; Lanham & Hallowes 1956 for //Xegwi (some of the words not attested in that source have also been taken from Bleek 1956, marked as [B.]); Meinhof 1929 for //Kxau; Story 1999 for |Haasi; unpublished or Internet-available materials by N. Crawhall, B. Sands and A. Miller-Ockhuizen for N|huki. See the !Wi etymological database for details on bibliography, transcription, and cognation issues.
Given the extremely poor state of !Wi studies (for many of the idioms mentioned and partially attested in Bleek 1956 it was hopeless to even begin assembling the Swadesh wordlists), many of the lists are drastically incomplete, which affects the lexicostatistical calculations; thus, Meinhof's //Kxau is shown to be on the same level as Bleek's //Ng and N|huki, when, in fact, the latter two are practically the same language, whereas //Kxau is somewhat more distant, as can be easily seen from some important phonetic developments (e. g. elision of the palatal click in some instances). Most probably this is just a side effect of the //Kxau wordlist containing only about 60 items.
Still, overall it is quite possible to perform lexicostatistics for !Wi under the condition that the wordlists are more or less complete. At least the //Xegwi-|Auni, |Xam-N|huki-//Kxau, and (separately) |Haasi subgroupings seem to be quite realistic.