The Swadesh wordlists for eight West Central Khoisan languages. The main data source is Vossen 1997 (as well as a few additional articles by the same author), except for Kxoe where the source is Kilian-Hatz 2003 (KH). In those cases where no data can be found in Vossen 1997, phonetically less reliable material from Tanaka 1978 [Ta.] is used for |Gwi and //Gana instead. For Naro, Hessel Visser's dictionary [Vi.] is also used occasionally. See the WCK etymological database for details on bibliography, transcription, and cognation issues.
NB: the wordlists for //Ani, Buga, |Ganda, and #Haba are notably incomplete and the selection of etyma is occasionally questionable, since no detailed dictionaries of the languages as such are available (Vossen 1997 is essentially a short etymological dictionary). Considering that the languages are quite closely related, the incompleteness may seriously impact the classification results; in particular, it is still not quite certain whether "West Central Khoisan" is indeed a valid node on the genealogical tree of Khoe languages. The two main branches of this subfamily as originally positioned by R. Vossen (Kxoe and Naro-//Gana) are, however, confirmed even by this preliminary lexicostatistical treatment.