The Swadesh wordlists for five North Khoisan languages/dialects. Data sources are Bleek 1929 and 1956 for //Au//en and !O!Kung, Doke 1925 for !Kung, Dickens 1994 for Zhu|ʔhoan, and Koenig & Heine 2001 for Ekoka. See the North Khoisan etymological database for details on bibliography, transcription, and cognation issues.
Lexicostatistics more or less confirms the (very recent) division of Proto-North Khoisan into the Northern and Southern dialect clusters (possibly also Central, if the slightly differing results for //Au//en are to be taken into account). It should be kept in mind, though, that the only fully reliable wordlist out of the five is for Zhu|ʔhoan; others are either drastically incomplete (as the one for Ekoka), or too old to be fully trusted (//Au//en, !O!Kung), or both (Doke's !Kung). Considering the extreme closeness of all the dialects (at the smallest, Zhu|'hoan and !O!Kung share around 84%), classificatory results based on incomplete lists may come out somewhat distorted.