The 100-wordlist for Eastern #Hoan, linked directly to the Eastern #Hoan etymological database. Despite the severe lack of data on this language, existing sources nevertheless yield almost 90% of the necessary items, making the lexicostatistical procedure easily applicable to it.

Transcription here follows the way the corresponding entries are given in the "Proto-#Hoan" field of the etymological database. The only special marking is "[T.]" for those entries that are only attested in Traill 1973; since this is, so far, the least phonetically reliable source for #Hoan, they should be approached with particular caution (on the other hand, they are also quite important, since Traill 1973 is the only existing source on #Hoan that specifically cares about making public the language's basic lexicon).

For details on transcription, bibliography, and etymologization please refer to the corresponding etymological database.