The approximate 100-wordlists for the subgroups of Proto-Central Khoisan, linked to the Central Khoisan etymological database. For precision purposes, East Central Khoisan is represented separately by its two major subgroups, Shua and Tshwa; West Central Khoisan is represented separately by //Ani-Kxoe and Naro-|Ganda - in fact, lexicostatistical calculations, as can be seen in the tree image, do not, at the present level of knowledge, support the existence of West Central Khoisan as a separate entity opposed to East Central Khoisan.

The wordlists follow the standard ToB regulations, i. e. in cases of doubt, two synonyms may be taken into account instead of one. Question marks accompany dubious selections, such as when the reconstruction is proposed on the basis of a form in but one language (since the data from other languages may be missing).

For additional details on transcription and reconstruction issues please refer to the general Central Khoisan etymological database.