The approximate 100-wordlists for the subgroups of Proto-Peripheral Khoisan, linked to the Peripheral Khoisan etymological database. For precision purposes, South Khoisan (!Wi-Taa) is represented separately by its two major subgroups, !Wi and Taa. Also, even though =Hoan is notably closer to North Khoisan than to South Khoisan, the North Khoisan protolist is still presented separately, since the separation date between North Khoisan and =Hoan is still very old, and at the present time (and level of our knowledge about =Hoan), setting up a common protolist for "Proto-Ju-=Hoan" is a very hard task.

The wordlists follow the standard ToB regulations for protolanguages, i. e. in cases of doubt, two synonyms may be taken into account instead of one. (In some cases, though, where adding extra synonyms would make no impact on lexicostatistical calculations, since they have no same-meaning cognates in related branches, such synonyms may be omitted). Each proto-list is, of course, an approximation; in this particular case, the list for Proto-!Wi has to be especially taken with a grain of salt, since the etymological basis for this group is still quite weak. Nevertheless, the lexicostatistical results generally match our intuitive expectations.

For additional details on transcription and reconstruction issues please refer to the general Peripheral Khoisan etymological database.