At present, the main Austric database file, austr.dbf, consists of 903 entries. The preliminarily reconstructed protoforms (PROTO) are linked to the Borean database, globet.dbf. One has to keep in mind that these links are still exceedingly provisional, since no sound correspondences had been established so far between Proto-Austric and even its lexicostatistically closest relative - Dene-Caucasian. The reconstruction of Proto-Austric itself, despite some pioneer work by Hayes, has become possible only after the recent compilation of the Austro-Asiatic database, and is still in its very initial stage.
The database is structured as follows:
a) Proto-Austric (PROTO), linked to globet.dbf.
b) Proto-Austronesian (AN) - Proto-Austronesian (the Austronesian database, based on O. Dempwolff's reconstruction and vocabulary, is not yet available for the public due to technical reasons);
c) Proto-Thai (TAI);
d) Proto-Austro-Asiatic (AA), linked to the corresponding database;
d) Proto-Miao-Yao (MYAO).

Certain preliminary sound correspondences between Austronesian and Austroasiatic, established by S. A. Starostin and I. Peiros, include:

Austric Austronesian Austroasiatic
*p *p *p
*b *b *b, *p
*ʔp *p *ʔb
*ʔb *b *ʔb
*m *m *m
*w *w *w, (*#)
*t *t *t
*d *d *d, *t
*ʔt *t *ʔd
*ʔd *d *ʔd
*n *n *n
*ʔn *n
*l *l *l
*ʔl *l *r
*l̃ *N *l, *n
*r *r *r
*ʔr *R *r
*c *c *c
*c, *-s
*ʔc *s *c
*ʔʒ *z *c, *ʔʒ
*s *s *s
*ʔs *S *s
*ń *ń, (*ŋ) *ń
*ʔń *N
*j *j *j
*k *k *k, *g
*g *g *k
*ʔŋ *n
*ʔ, *h
*h *h *ʔ, *h
*R *#, *h