This is the Tungus-Manchu database. It is subordinate to the Common Altaic database. The basic source is the TMC - the Comparative Dictionary of Tungus-Manchu Languages compiled by Tsintsius et al.

    Database structure.

    1. Protoform. The Proto-Tungus form, in the classical reconstruction of Tsintsius.
    2. Altaic etymology. A link to the upper level (Common Altaic) database.
    3. Meaning. As in most lowlevel (subgroup) databases the meaning presented here is not an attempt of semantic reconstruction, but rather an enumeration of the actually attested meanings in daughter languages.
    4-15. Languages: Ewenki, Ewen, Negidal, Solon, Literary Manchu, Modern Manchu, Zhurzhen, Nanai, Orok, Ulcha, Oroch, Udighe.
    12. Comments. Notes and references.