The Mongolian part of the Altaic Etymological Dictionary.

    Database structure.

    1. Protoform. The Proto-Mongolian form, in most cases coinciding with the attested Middle Mongolian form (but with some different orthographic conventions).
    2. Altaic etymology. A link to the upper level (Common Altaic) database.
    3. Meaning. Enumeration of meanings attested in Old and modern Mongolian sources.
    4. Written Mongolian. The classical (orthographical) Mongolian form.
    5. Middle Mongolian. The Middle ( = Old) Mongolian form, attested in Middle Mongolian sources (Secret History etc.).
    6-14. Modern forms: Khalkha, Kalmuck, Buriat, Ordos, Dongxian, Baoan, Shary-Yoghur, Monguor, Dagur.
    15. Comments. References and etymological notes.