This is the Japanese part of the Altaic Etymological Dictionary.

    Database structure.

    1. Protoform. The Proto-Japanese reconstruction (based on Starostin 1975, and very similar to the one found, e. g., in Martin 1987).
    2. Altaic etymology. A link to the upper level (Common Altaic) database.
    3. Meaning. List of meanings found in Old Japanese and modern Japanese sources.
    4. Old Japanese. The Old Japanese (8th c.) form. The forms are normally accented, but one should keep in mind that the accentuation comes from a later source (Ruiju Myogisho, 11th c.), so the notation is to some extent artificial.
    5. Modern dialects: literary (Tokyo), Kyoto, Kagoshima. The dialects are given in a normalized transcription with accents according to the dictionary of Hirayama Teruo. Together with RJ they serve as a basis for the accent reconstruction of Proto-Japanese.
    6. Comments. References and comments (for the most part, accentological).