This is the database version of the "Altaic Etymological Dictionary" by S. Starostin, A. Dybo and O. Mudrak (Brill publishers, 2003).

    Database structure.

    1. Protoform. The Proto-Altaic form for each entry.
    2. Meaning. The probable meaning of the Altaic protoform.
    3. Turkic protoform. The Proto-Turkic form, with O. Mudrak's modifications (basically concerning the introduction of some vocalic distinctions). The field is at the same time a link to the Turkic database.
    4. Mongolian protoform. The Proto-Mongolian form, basically coinciding with attested Middle Mongolian. The field is at the same time a link to the Mongolian database.
    5. Tungus protoform. The Proto-Tungus form (in traditional reconstruction, based on Benzing / Tsintsius). The field is also a link to the separate Tungus-Manchu database.
    6. Korean protoform. There are actually no Korean protoforms: the forms included here are actually Middle Korean (15th c.), with a few modifications based on inner morphonological reconstruction. Modern Korean dialects are too close to each other to justify a proper Proto-Korean reconstruction, and the evidence from Old Korean (11th - 14th centuries) is too scanty to make any conclusions at all. The field is also a link to a separate Korean database.
    7. Japanese protoform. The Proto-Japanese form, based on Starostin 1975. Also a link to the subordinate Japanese database.
    8. Comments. References and etymological notes.