This is the database that had been originally (in the early 90's) started by E. Helimski on the basis of Redei's dictionary (UEW), but left unfinished. The material from UEW was ultimately transferred into the database by S. Starostin, so it is available as a more or less complete product right now. Meanwhile, S. Nikolayev is working on expanding it considerably and constructing a number of subordinated databases, so we expect a renovated Uralic database system shortly.
In its present state, the Uralic database contains 1898 entries and encompasses the following fields:
a) Proto-Uralic (PROTO) - the Proto-Uralic reconstruction given by Redei, and linked to the Eurasiatic database, nostret.dbf.
b) Finnish (FIN).
c) Estonian (EST).
d) Saam (Lapp) (SAA).
e) Mordovian (MRD).
f) Mari (Cheremis) (MAR)
g) Udmurt (Votyak) (UDM)
h) Komi (Zyrian) (KOM)
i) Khanty (Ostyak) (KHN)
j) Mansi (Vogul) (MAN)
k) Hungarian (UGR)
l) Nenets (Yurak) (NEN)
m) Enets (Yen) (ENC)
n) Nganasan (Tawgi) (NGA)
o) Selkup (SLK)
p) Kamass (KAM)
q) Addenda (ADD) - occasionally given parallels in other languages, namely in Karel, Ld, Olonets, Veps, Liv, Koibal, Mator and Karagass.
r) Proto-Samoyed (JANH) - Proto-Samoyed reconstructions from Janhunen ()
s) Sammalahti (SAMM2) - alternative Uralic reconstructions by Sammalahti ()
t) Redei (REDEI) - comments by Redei
u) Helimski (HELIMSKI) - comments by Helimski
v) Reshetnikov (RESHET) - comments by K. Reshetnikov
w) Yukaghir (YUK) - parallels from Yukaghir given by Redei
x) Literature (LIT) - references.