The Nostratic database, containing most existing etymologies from published sources (Illich-Svitych, Dolgopolski), plus a number of additions. Under heavy construction; all the reconstructed protoforms are highly provisional, but can be used for further research.

    Correspondences of Nostratic affricates

Nostr. Alt IE Ur Kartv
*c` s sk-, -s- c/ć (.)
*c`w š skw-, -s- š-, č c/ć (.)
*c č` sk-, s c/ć (.)
*cw č s č ~ ć c/ć (.)
ǯ s s/ś ʒ/ʒ́/z/ź
*ʒw ǯ s(t) š ~ ć ʒ/ʒ́/z/ź
*z z-, ǯ s s/ś z/ź
*zw z-, ǯ st ?
*s s s s/ś s/ś
*sw š s s/ś s/ś
*č` č`-, s st č~š č (.)
*č`w š st- č č (.)
č` s(t)- č (.)
*čw č sw s/ś č
ǯ st č ǯ
s s š š
*šw š š š
z š ž